WhatsApp to stop working on some phones

Whatsapp, one of the most popular messaging and contact platforms, will stop support for a few operating systems over the next one year. Here is the list:

  1. Support for Microsoft Windows phone operating system will cease from December 31, 2019. This is a blanket freeze and updating the OS will not make WhatsApp work
  2. If you have Android versions 2.3.7 or older WhatsApp will not support you from on February 1, 2020
  3. If you have iPhone iOS 7 or older then WhatsApp support will cease on 31st December, 2019

This essentially means that you need to change your windows phone if you want to use WhatsApp. iOS and Android users will have to update their Operating System to continue using your WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has already discontinued its support for Blackberry devices a while ago.

Read the full news item here: Metro News

Do you own any of these phones – what are your comments?

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