Two Headed Goat Born At Wisconsin

In a bizarre, yet heart warming incident, a 2-headed goat was born at a Wisconsin goat farm this month. The family named the goat kid ‘Janus’ after the Roman god with 2 heads.

From Nueske Farms Facebook page:

Jocelyn Nueske of Nueske Farms LLC said they have 1000 goats born every year and in her lifetime, this is the first goat with 2 head she has seen. The goat has 2 mouths, 4 eyes and 4 ears. They feed it through both mouths.

“He’s a normal goat. We just have to help him. We try to help him as much as we can, and give him a break when he gets tired,” she said. The Nueske family hopes that he gets stronger and walks in a month. They have stated they will keep him as a pet.

“We understand and respect that people may have different opinions about our little Janus,” the family said on facebook. “We made the decision care for this unique baby and are willing to share this rare and special experience with others.”

Janus has had a visit to the vet and is stated to be in good health.

From facebook:

Janus also has featured in many news articles and videos.

You can see more images and updates here:

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