Turn off all whatsapp notification – 10 second guide

You wake up to the familiar jingle of notifications on whatsapp on your phone and it keeps beeping every few minutes – messages, forwards, memes, good day wishes and the occasional useful message. Turning off all notifications on whatsapp is a great way of being disturbed less often during the day. Lets face it – if it is that time critical, the person rather call you!
1. Go to the settings on your phone
2. Find the “Notifications and Apps” menu
3. Find ‘whatsapp’ in the list of apps
4. There is a section called notifications
Use the master switch on top to turn all the notifications off! Thats it!!
You still get all the whatsapp messages, but YOU control when to check your messages. Enjoy the time saved from today.
Here’s a quick video showing you how easy it is:

Author: Just Another Herb

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