Top Viral Videos -September Week 1

Lion Eating Grass

Liona can eat grass when their tummy is upset. This video from the Khamba forest area in Gujarat’s Amreli district has been creating waves!

Moonwalking in Bangalore

Take a look at baadal nanjundaswamy (@baadalvirus) as he simulates moon walking right here on the streets of Benguluru. The similarity is eerie and uncanny

Is that an Alien Sea Creature?

Video from Sarah Vasser-Alford This video is being forwarded by many people and it’s worth knowing the original source and story. This is a real video and not edited or fake. It’s definitely not alien. As per the news item, this is a Basket Star and was sighted off the coast of Alaska. The creature was put back in the water unharmed! Dont you love how those tentacles move! Would you hold this creature in your hand bravely?

Burning the Jeep

As per news item this vehicle owner set his jeep on fire because it didn’t start! He was later arrested for a dangerous act.

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