Top viral videos September 2019 – Week 2

The Catch

Watch as this rollercoaster rider pulls off an impossible catch as he snares a mobile phone zipping through the air!


These lions were actually roaming the roads in Gujarat, but this video went viral stating it was in Thane. Inspite of multiple news items correcting the error there was nothing to stop the lions from roaming every corner of the world as a viral video!


Another day and another Tesla driver sleeps at the wheel. The debate was whether Tesla would still control the vehicle if the sleeper kept his hands off the steering wheel. Any answers?

Crane down!

The raw power of nature. Hurricane Dorian rips down a crane as it makes landfall in Canada!

Mobile accident

This biker became funnily famous as he crashes in an unusual fashion while he clings on to the mobile phone. No injuries?

Author: Just Another Herb

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