Telegram App Introduces Group Video Calls And Animated Backgrounds

The following is a message from the Telegram App developers.

Group Video Calls
• Start video conferences from Voice Chats in any group.
• Share your screen or video from your camera with up to 30 participants (limit to be increased soon).
• Talk without video with an unlimited number of participants.
• Create voice chats from the ⋮ menu in the profile of any group where you are an admin.
• Group video calls are supported natively on all devices, including tablets and laptops.

Animated Backgrounds
• Meet animated backgrounds for chats – first time in a messaging app! These multi-color gradient backgrounds are generated algorithmically and move beautifully every time you send a message.
• Create your own backgrounds in Chat Settings by selecting unique combinations of colors and applying any of the dozens of patterns.
• Share your animated backgrounds with friends and family to upgrade them to a new level of messaging experience.
• Choose between dozens of new gorgeous animated backgrounds in Chat Settings > Change Chat Background.

Message Sending Animations
• Send messages with improved animations­­ – stickers and animated emoji fly into the chat from the sticker panel.

2-Step Verification Reminders
• You will now receive a notification from Telegram each time your 2-Step Verification settings are changed.

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