School Manager caught on camera encouraging children to cheat during exams

Praveen Mall, manager of Harivansh Memorial Inter College was caught on camera teaching students and advising them on how to cheat during examinations.

The following are some of the things he is heard saying on camera:

“Do not take chits with you (to the examination hall), can ask from here and there, and maintain discipline”

“If a chit is found with you and even if you are slapped, fold your hand and be ready for one more (slap). Don’t argue and stand straight as the teacher can damage your future”

“Don’t leave out any question. If you write questions and put a ₹100 note, the teacher will give you marks blindly. Even if you answer a four-mark question wrongly, they will give you three marks. No one sees (while checking copies)”

Pravenn was arrested after the video went viral. District Magistrate of Mau, Gyan Prakash Tripathi said: “The manager has been arrested and an FIR has been registered, and further proceedings are on.

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