Journey of life, luck, experience

Journey of life starts with a full bag of luck and an empty bag of experience.. The Goal is to fill the bag of experience before the bag of luck gets empty.

I found this philosophy on the whiteboard at work quite intriguing. I just wish there was another term for luck that has been used liberally in this quote. Again, I couldn’t find out who made this quote.

While, I believe that luck certainly plays a role in life, I’m not sure that it is the sole reason for life existing before experience starts. I believe that it is others who help you as you start gaining experience. It does not completely depend on chance or luck that a baby makes it through life. If that was the truth, most babies should die before their first birthday.

Anyway, I do agree that experience decreases the hold that luck has on life to a great extent. So experience is good – it is said to be a good teacher.

How full is your bag today? What does it have? What is the ratio of luck to experience that you have in that bag? Or maybe you have a few other tricks in that bag!!

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