India vs Pakistan – ICC World Cup 2019 highlights

The highlights were:

  1. Rain threat before the match
  2. Media going berserk for TRP before the match
  3. Distasteful ads before the match
  4. Rohit Sharma;s Batting – fluent
  5. K Rahuls patient, slightly shoddy knock
  6. Virat Kohli’s wicket – that ‘edge’
  7. Pakistans shoddy fielding
  8. All that tape on their hands
  9. Vijay Shankar – wicket off his first world cup delivery
  10. Vijay Shankar’s 3D role in the game
  11. Kuldeeps Ball of the century
  12. Rain plays spoilsport and makes it easier for India
  13. The memes and tweets that followed -especially for Vijay Shankar

Author: cricketblitz

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