How To Play PUBG In India even after the ban

PUBG players in India have sleepless nights these days as the Indian Government has banned PUBG app in the country. This is after all the sleepless nights these players have spent actually playing PUBG through the night till August 2020.

There are still ways you can play PUBG in India owing to the fact that only the mobile app has been banned. The computer version of it (laptop or desktop with Windows or MacOS) is still allowed apparently as the servers running these are in Korea.

1. You can play PUBG unlimited on your computer, but this is the paid version. The graphics are much better than on the phone and gameplay is better – but it’s not free and this may be a deterrent to many Indians who like free stuff.

2. You can play PUBG lite on your computer without burning a hole in your pocket but with more limitations.

PS: The above have not been tested by the author as the author has never played pubG in his whole life!

Author: The Wise Herb

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