Do I have to register to read the articles?
All content on The Wise Herb are freely available to all visitors. You can read them online for free.

What is the advantage of registering at The Wise Herb
– You can post your own original writings and articles
– You can comment on articles and ask queries
– You can earn points that can be redeemed for some rewards

Who can register at The Wise Herb?
Anyone can join the site as long as they abide by the terms. To register use the link on the top menu – it takes less than 30 seconds. You will need to activate your account via the email you receive to become a member.

What kind of articles can I submit?
Only original articles written by you can be submitted. They should not be plagiarised or just modified from other sources.
Articles must be safe for general viewing and should not contain bad language
Articles that promote hatred, violence, illegal activities, fake news and are inaccurate will not be accepted.
Articles should be grammatically good and should be readable with clarity of thought and use of correct words and phrases.
Only articles in English will be accepted

Articles that are not in keeping with the standards will be deleted. Recurrently submitting low quality articles can leave you temporarily suspended.

Can my article contain links?
Relevant public links can be posted. Links to irrelevant pages, spam links, affiliate links, malicious links will be deleted. Articles may not be published if they contain such links. Your account may be temporarily suspended.

Can I use pictures in my submissions?
The default submission page does not allow to upload images. If you would like to add images, use an image host and then post the image link at the end of the article. You can post unlimited images on the article. On submission of the article, the editorial team will reformat your submission to include the pictures. Please note that you need to post images that you own or are free for use in the public domain.

Can I add videos to my submission?
You can add the youtube or other video URL in your submission. When it gets reviewed and accepted, the videos will be embedded in the article or posted as a link. Please note that videos must be relevant and should not contain adult, pornographic or nude content.

Can I submit an article that I have written on another site?
If you have written the article by yourself and have published it in your personal website or blog, it can be submitted here. If you have posted it at another articles website or portal, then you need to get permission from them and mention in the submission that this has been originally published at the other website.

What are points?
Every article, comment and reply earns you points. Points earned will vary with time and you will also receive bonuses for high quality interactions. Points can be redeemed for rewards that will be posted on the site.

How do I delete an article I submitted?
Please send us a request through the contact form and we will delete it. Please mention the reason for deletion if possible.