Fact Check: Crowded OPD being shared in social media is NOT from Victoria Hospital in Bangalore

A recent video being circulated on social media shows an extremely crowded hospital OPD with people wearing masks. The person taking the video is heard saying that this is unsafe for doctors and others.

The social media video states this is from Victoria Hospital in Bangalore and appears to be made to create panic in Bangalore which has a rise in cases with bed shortages.

There have been official statements released rating that the location is wrong.

At the Wise Herb, we will factcheck and debunk any fake news on request if possible. Please do not spread fake news to create panic during this time of the covid pandemic.

The location of the actual video may be Patna as per initial reports. This is still a matter of concern as such a crowded space is a source for rapid virus spread. The actual date of the event is also not known.

Author: The Wise Herb

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