England vs New Zealand: ICC World Cup Cricket finals official finals(Super Over!)

What an exciting match. Probably the best world cup cricket match ever.

Some thoughts on the super over and it’s regulations. These are just personal musings.

1. If there is a tie after the superover, the official result should be a tie. This I feel is the best option.

2. The next best option is probably to have one more over.

3. Boundaries are the easiest part of an ODI. I don’t think this should be the basis of choosing the world champions. The following are much more difficult and could be the basis for choosing a winner, rather than boundaries (ICC often forgets that there are bowlers in cricket)

  • Dot balls are the most difficult and would be my first choice to choose the winner.
  • No. of wickets taken is also a good option.
  • If you choose runs, I feel it’s better to choose number of runs scored by actually running, rather than boundaries.

Anyway, I doubt the ICC will ever look at that!

Here are the official highlights.

Author: cricketblitz

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