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TinyPic is shutting down

The following note on the tiny pic website confirms that they will be shutting down Due to an inability to support a high-quality free digital…

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Top Viral Videos -September Week 1

Lion Eating Grass Liona can eat grass when their tummy is upset. This video from the Khamba forest area in Gujarat’s Amreli district has been…

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Friends and Enemies

No-one is a friend or an enemy to start off. I wonder what happens as we start living and growing!

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Affection and Ego

The clash between Affection and Ego! Will you day “Sorry”.

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Driving on Indian Roads

Driving on Indian roads and highways is not always great. Watch this playlist of joys, frustrations, dangers, close calls and annoyances on Indian roads.

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Tough times

Tough times are like exercise. It may be healthy for you!! Does that mean you need regular tough times??!!

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Top viral videos August 2019

Here is a list of some of the best viral videos from this month. 1. This is how you take a selfie on the subway:…

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True Faith

True faith is being able to be thankful even when you don’t get it. 

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Success and Effort

This is a brutally honest philosophy. Hard work and effort does not guarantee success. But you cannot have true success unless you put in hard…

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England vs New Zealand: ICC World Cup Cricket finals official finals(Super Over!)

What an exciting match. Probably the best world cup cricket match ever. Some thoughts on the super over and it’s regulations. These are just personal…

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