Over 150 garter snakes found under deck of Colorado couples home

A couple that loved into the house in December 2018, found snakes appearing between the boards of their deck on occasions. Some even entered their home.

They initially managed the snakes on their own by using sticks and chasing them away.

Finally, they decided to call in the exterminators. On removal of the floorboards of the deck, a den of over 150 garter snakes was found. The experts removed all the snakes. The couple then had to make a concrete deck and hope that the problem has been solved. They spent about 8000$ for the exercise.

News Source: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2020/02/28/More-than-150-snakes-removed-from-under-Colorado-couples-deck/8461582918965/?sl=11

Author: The Wise Herb

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