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Video: Cobra Hiding Inside A Scooters Headlamps Surprises Bystanders

With the recent lockdown in India, vehicles are used less frequently. This resident was surprised to see something moving inside the handlebar and headlights of…

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Crazy New York Subway User Hangs Outside Train – Social Distancing Extreme Video

In a shocking video shared via twitter by user Progressive Action, a subway user in NY can be seen holding on to the outside of…

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French Athlete Runs Marathon On Home Balcony

Elisha Nochomovitz, a French athlete, ran a 26.2 mile marathon on the balcony of his home after he was disappointed that the Barcelona Marathon was…

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Fact Check: Computer Generated CGI Video Being Circulated as Video of CoronaVirus Leaving Earth

The above video (without the captions) is widely being circulated as a video of the CoronaVirus leaving Earth from China. It is obviously a computer…

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John Farnworth, British Soccer Freestyler, Juggles Football 50 Miles Across Siberian Lake To Raise Funds For Cancer Research UK

In a tough endurance task, John Farnsworth juggled a football for over 50 Miles to create a world record and also raise funds for Cancer…

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Fact Check: Fake video of Pakistan Ghaznavi missile failure is actually old Russian Proton M rocket explosion

This old video of a Russian Proton M rocket launcher explosion was shared in January 2020 as Pakistan’s Ghaznavi missile test failure for the 13th…

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Aussie family orders toilet paper worth more than 2000$ ‘by mistake’

A family in Australia ordered toilet paper worth $2153.78 from the online site Who Gives A Crap. Haidee Janetzki of Toowoomba claims this was due…

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Over 150 garter snakes found under deck of Colorado couples home

A couple that loved into the house in December 2018, found snakes appearing between the boards of their deck on occasions. Some even entered their…

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Car owner burns own vehicle as it didn’t start

As per news reports this vehicle owner set his jeep on fire because it didn’t start! The owner was later arrested for doing a dangerous…

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First human being to urinate alcohol reported

A woman in Pittsburgh who was awaiting a liver transplant has been reported to as the first human being to urinate alcohol. The doctors treating…

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