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Get rid of those google ads that know what you do online

Google Ads is probably the most popular ad options that websites use to monetise themselves. Almost everyone you know has a google account. One of…

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How to pour out milk from a carton without spilling

When you open a carton of milk and pour it out, chances are that it splatters out and spills around. This is because for the…

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Conserve water when you shower

The sensation of stepping into a hot shower on a cold morning or after a tiring day of work and play is awesome. Having a…

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Using an elevator / lift: Ways to conserve electricity wastage and save time, money!

Using an elevator or a lift is a common activity that you will probably do at work, college or home. With high rise workplaces and…

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Turn off all whatsapp notification – 10 second guide

You wake up to the familiar jingle of notifications on whatsapp on your phone and it keeps beeping every few minutes – messages, forwards, memes,…

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