Watch Jatin Taludkar play an impromptu acoustic guitar gig for an audience of 2 parrots

When Jatin Taludkar was strumming a few random chords near his window trying to work out his next music project, he had an unexpected audience of two. A couple of wild parrots hopped on to the windowsill and seemed captivated by the music.

Jatin added a few hums and whistles to the chords and the parrots seemed impressed. They even tried joining in with their voices and explored the guitar hole a little. Listening to the haunting melody and strumming, you can see why the birds probably fell in love with the gig!!

Jatin has named the birds Kairi and Jim.

“It’s very hard for me to express how it felt when Jim came close to the sound hole and started
to jam along, as though he wanted add a few of his parts too!” he said. “I never imagined wild parrots would get so comfortable, and share such a deep connection.”

Jatins Facebook page has lots of interesting comments about this video.

You can view his YouTube channel here:

Author: The Wise Herb

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